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 Women’s Stories of Successful Aging

Kay Dilger Metcalfe: Written Reflections on Aging

“Today, I am still me, myself, but am so aware of living in a different place” (August 8, 2009)

In this reflection, Kay describes her daily life in what she terms “a different place, Eldest Age.” She recounts the physical problems that slow her down and mentions the tasks that still need to be done.

Today, I am still me, myself, but am so aware of living in a different place, Eldest Age.

I arise at sevenish a.m. and my morning chores slowly finish by 10 a.m. or so, agreeably. Then awareness of my body’s changes become apparent, back pains, incontinence, shortness of breath, arthritis in my fingers etc., feeble energy, inabilities to perform as of yore, hearing loss that cause social “out-of-loop” information.

When my brain is engrossed in a special idea, then must jump suddeny to another place, the brain yields so slowly, but it is always thinking. (Ah-hah! You thought not!)

Hearing of course is the outstanding problem, at 96 and 9 months.

There are so many things, papers, boxes, cupboards, history notes to attend to and rummage through. This must be done. Time is needed, but time is merrily floating away somewhere.

Also all the vast changes that have taken place seemingly need less heedful attention.

Kay Dilger Metcalfe