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Women’s Stories of Successful Aging

Kay Dilger Metcalfe: Written Reflections on Aging

“I am 90 years old and much is to be said for this age” (August 2003)

In this writing, Kay expresses the idea that at age 90 she has ended up on the other side of the “Looking Glass.” This final stage of life “releases so many misconceptions.” In this new space, “one ponders not on regrets.”

I am 90 years old and much is to be said for this age. One looks backward to the Past – before it was always looking forward to the Future. Those who are inexorably committed to this period are still in a present pattern but recognize this pattern has a different environment. Can this environment be described?

Age, there’s the rub.

On my part, it has been a continuing walk which proceeded through various ensuing uncommon and curious occurrences that ended somehow on the other side of the “Looking Glass” where I had never been before. From there, there would be no return. So time was spent reviewing life from the beginning time at birth. I came to see Life as a series of installments; babyhood, childhood, teenagers, young adult and adult etc. Each dwells in its own specific and singular environment, not relating necessarily [written in later] well to previous or succeeding modes. Each lives in its own light.

This “Looking Glass” space one enters finally releases so many misconceptions and then, acknowledges accord that exists for everyone. Here one ponders not on regrets, remorse, but and guilt is even erased. Perhaps there are those who do not arrive here as their lives were terminated earlier or perhaps were unable to achieve admittance to this latter mode that awaits one here on earth. It matters not, what is, is.

Kathryn Dilger Metcalfe