• Plainfield Aquaduct Company

  • Old County Road/Allis Cemetery

  • Mills on Mill River

  • Surveying the School Lot

  • Farming in Stone

Hidden Walls, Hidden Mills

Hidden Walls, Hidden Mills is a series of five self-guided tours that invite you to get out and have an adventure, learning to see and understand, “read” the activities of earlier generations written in stone in the rural and forested landscape of Plainfield, Massachusetts. We hope to help you to explore how our forested hills and rushing streams are a landscape shaped by history, dotted with cellar holes, mill foundations, and full of plants brought here by earlier generations.

The brochures are freely available for downloading and printing on this website. They can be followed on foot or by bike, some can even be driven, and one may be snow-shoed when the snow is deep enough for it.

Much of Plainfield is publicly accessible, with more than 70% of its land preserved in some way, and the tours run largely on roads and trails. We invite you to come and enjoy yourself in a landscape that we love above all others.

Have fun! Please let us know how your trip was and take good care of our landscape. – Plainfield Historical Society