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Women’s Stories of Successful Aging

Kay Dilger Metcalfe: Written Reflections on Aging

“Several months ago, I believe I fell from my usual perch . . .” (May 4, 2011)

As she has in other writings, Kay describes “falling” into a new dimension—“old age.” Now, at age 98, she is very conscious of the “inordinate skills” of old age, which are making everyday life increasingly difficult.

Several months ago, I believe I fell from my usual perch of fair stability to a new, but expected area I named “old age.” The fall was easy enough. The place where I fell I knew it would occur. It was jolly enough. The new earphone [hearing aid] performs as it pleases. Life continues, it has its own significant ways. Spring is rather odd too. Who knows what summer intends to be. Remembrance [i.e., remembering] is unbelievably a real nuisance and really bad, but sometimes possible depending on my mood. At last the “time of old age” has come. It is showing off its inordinate skills. However, I have a fine, loving daughter and her husband who are considerate and caring.

Kathryn Dilger Metcalfe

May 4, 2011